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YayPricing – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

YayPricing – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts


YayPricing is an all-purpose pricing and discounts plugin for your WooCommerce store. It helps you create promotional campaigns based on different conditions.

Create a WooCommerce dynamic pricing strategy in 4 steps:

  • Select a pricing type and define its discount rules.
  • Apply the pricing rules to a product or a category of products.
  • Add user role or cart conditions (optional).
  • Launch the new deal on your WooCommerce product page!

Quick Demo | YayPricing Pro 🚀

Documentation | Woo integrations

Supported WooCommerce discount rules:

  • BOGO – buy one get one free.
  • Buy one get one with discount.
  • Buy one get another product for free.
  • Buy X Get Y rules.
  • Bulk discounts.
  • WooCommerce extra fees.


Multiple Discount Types
You can have different discount methods such as fixed discount, discount by percentage, or fixed price.

Customize Discount Messages
Display discounts and pricing table in different styles on product page.

Scheduled Pricing and Discounts
Easily schedule discounts to run during a set timeframe for a specific marketing campaign.

Drag and Drop Interface
Move a particular pricing rule to prioritize it. Or you can also pick a pricing scheme that fits your campaign goals.

Dynamically Apply Rules
You will have full control over how the rule is applied. Whether you want to offer customers the lowest pricing or maximize your profits, it takes only a click in the rule settings.

Multiple Conditions
Limit applicable discounts to product regular price, number of items, cart total, in-stock inventory, off-peak hours, etc.


Welcome new customer
First order discount: Offer a 30% discount only for first-time customers.
– Subscribe and make the first purchase to get a swag bag.

Clearance sale
– Buy at least 3 t-shirts to get $5 discount for each.
– WooCommerce change product price based on quantity.

Buy X get Y
– Buy a t-shirt, get a matching cap for free.
– Buy a laptop, get a keyboard with 50% off discount.

Tiered Pricing
– Get the first item at full price and save 20% on the second item.
– First 10 items sold at $4 each, the next 10 items will be $3 each, and followed by the next 10 items at $2 each.

Product Bundle
– Multibuys 3 for £10 or 3 for $10.
– 25% automatic discount if the customer buys a bundle of camera, memory card, and tripod.

Loyalty rewards
– Hand-picked VIP customers get a 30% discount.
Offer free gifts in WooCommerce for frequent buyers.

Limited time discounts
– 100 first orders with specified products during Black Friday campaign get 50% discount.
– 10% discount for software products and services on Cyber Monday.

Flexible discounts
– Add any 3 products to cart and get the cheapest item for free.
– $10 off if paid in USD, €20 off if paid in EUR, etc.

Happy Discount-ing! 💛


  • Discount rules and dynamic pricing for WooCommerce
  • Set up WooCommerce bulk discounts with YayPricing
  • Customize pricing table of WooCommerce bulk pricing and quantity discounts
  • Display quantity based pricing table for WooCommerce quantity discounts
  • Set up buy one get one free and other WooCommerce BOGO deals
  • Gift item of “Buy one get one free” promotion automatically added to cart page


  1. Download the plugin from wordpress.org
  2. From your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, and upload the yaypricing.zip file
  3. Install and activate it
  4. After activating, you don’t need to fill in any license, just go to WooCommerce > YayPricing to create and manage multiple pricing rules, discounts, and custom fees


Can I set bulk discounts on variable products and their variations?

Yes, YayPricing allows you to create bulk discounts for variable products. The pricing table can be displayed on product page and the prices will be updated based on the product variation selected.

Can I offer a different discount for different customers and roles?

Yes, you can add and combine user conditions to create advanced pricing rules. For example, apply an automatic discount only for logged in users, or offer a customer loyalty discount only for those customers who have placed at least 10 orders on your WooCommerce store.

How to create a free shipping discount based on a certain monetary value of cart?

This is one of the premium-only features of YayPricing Pro. Consider upgrading to WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Pro to unlock these features.

I have issues with Woo discounts. How can I get support?

Please create a topic or contact us to get help. To quickly get the answers, please attach screenshots of currently active WooCommerce plugins on your website. Maybe it is a third-party conflict.

Is YayPricing GDPR-compliant?

A big yes! YayPricing is compliant with GDPR. It doesn’t collect your WooCommerce store data or any sensitive information.


ເດືອນກໍລະກົດ 17, 2024
I like this; it worked almost perfectly out of the box for my client’s needs. One thing that was missing, we were able to do with the help of support in a matter of a few hours. I am impressed, keep it up!
ເດືອນກໍລະກົດ 2, 2024
The plugin is the best I have used for this purpose!very easy to use. Also when I had a question about how to do a specific setting, the chat service was excellent!
ເດືອນມີນາ 24, 2024
YayPricing is super nice, easy to use and rich in features plugin. Great addition to our marketing efforts. We had some issues with it initially, but the support was super helpful and responsive and resolved them in no time. Thank you, Yay team, you rock! 🔥
ເດືອນພຶດສະພາ 29, 2024
I had few issues which are quickly resolved via support. Plugin is good enough with great performance. Other plugins as well.
ເດືອນພຶດສະພາ 7, 2024 1 reply
We thought the plugin was great and comprehensive right from the start, but there were still little things we wanted to adjust, like the sale badge and user roles from b2b Market. After a short exchange with support, our wishes were fulfilled and the plugin was adapted for us. Under conditions we now have a new tab “B2B Market User Roles! Perfect and thank you
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Jul 16, 2024 – Version 3.0

  • Added: Manually change free product in buy X get Y
  • Added: Tiered Pricing ( Same as Bulk pricing, but it will discount items within range )
  • Added: Recurring Schedule ( allow run/not run rule in interval time )
  • Added: Shipping region condition for product pricing
  • Added: Import Bulk Pricing ranges
  • Added: Bundle discount rule
  • Added: Product filter for custom taxonomies
  • Improved: Frontend performance when enable showing product price discounts
  • Improved: Disable rule when WC coupon (which disable product sale ) is applied
  • Integrated: B2b market user group condition
  • Integrated: Condition for ACF custom taxonomy
  • Integrated: Acowebs custom product addon

Mar 25, 2024 – Version 2.5.4

  • Improved: Remove pricing rule UI
  • Updated: WC tested up to 8.7

Mar 22, 2024 – Version 2.5.3

  • Fixed: Warning in Other Plugins menu

Feb 20, 2024 – Version 2.5.2

  • Added: Integration with LiteSpeed Cache plugin
  • Added: Display products saving amount option
  • Added: Integration with YITH Product Add-on
  • Updated: Translation
  • Updated: Change offer description position -> to before add to cart form
  • Fixed: Wp warning when get customer name

Jan 22, 2024 – Version 2.5

  • Fixed: Admin search product tags (cannot find parent product tag)
  • Fixed: Admin choose condition (missing previous choice labels)

Nov 25, 2023 – Version

  • Updated: Translations
  • Fixed: Cart discount (Change woocommerce_before_calculate_totals hook priority from 101 to 100)
  • Fixed: Remove Licenses tab (Free version)

Nov 18, 2023 – Version

  • Fixed: Displaying product and category names instead of IDs

Oct 31, 2023 – Version 2.4.9

  • Added: Translations
  • Updated: Remove fixed style of sale badge
  • Fixed: WP org “not properly prepared for localization” warning
  • Fixed: Product pricing discount when display including tax price
  • Fixed: Name of product/category in filter disappear when reloading page (admin) –> tackle WP org support topic

Oct 24, 2023 – Verison

  • Updated: Change text domain to “yaypricing” & .pot file
  • Added: .po & .mo language files

Oct 24, 2023 – Verison

  • Fixed: Error not properly prepared for localization

Sep 25, 2023 – Version 2.4.8

  • Added: YayCurrency current currency condition
  • Added: Encouraged notice shortcode (Pro)
  • Added: Integration with WooCommerce Google Product Feed by Ademti Software
  • Fixed: Duplicating rule doesn’t reset use time to 0
  • Fixed: Product price when include/exclude tax
  • Fixed: Calculate wrong shipping fee when include/exclude tax
  • Fixed: Update integration with CURCY new version

Aug 25, 2023 – Version 2.4.7

  • Added: “Applied coupon codes” condition for product pricing rules
  • Updated: Purchase history conditions text and tooltip

Aug 23, 2023 – Version 2.4.6

  • Added: Custom class for discounted price (user re-style purpose)
  • Added: Product filter by attribute
  • Added: Hook for altering pricing table text
  • Added: Hook for altering cart item price text
  • Added: Global yaydp_cart variable
  • Added: Condition for applied coupons
  • Added: Condition for history bought products
  • Added: Filter for altering sale tag text (for user purpose)
  • Updated: Check order history except for refunded status
  • Updated: CURCY plugin function
  • Fixed: Pricing table does not sync when selecting variation
  • Fixed: Fatal error (missing code)
  • Fixed: Use time not reset when duplicating rule

Jul 18, 2023 – Version 2.4.5

  • Added condition: Count order from last discount
  • Added condition: Cart has switch items (WooCommerce Subscriptions)
  • Update: Reload cart ajax when choose payment method (apply only when have payment method conditional logic)
  • Fixed: Countdown timer for product pricing (hide when disable)
  • Fixed: Discounted price display
  • Fixed: Compatible with YayCurrency
  • Fixed: Checkout with subscription

Jun 30, 2023 – Version 2.4.4

  • Added: Count quantity by variations for Bulk Pricing type
  • Updated: Show hierarchy of category on search result label
  • Fixed: Admin settings layout in RTL mode
  • Fixed: End Countdown timer not showing
  • Fixed: Incorrect calculation in Cart discount

Jun 15, 2023 – Version 2.4.3

  • Added: Support WooCommerce HPOS

Jun 9, 2023 – Version 2.4.2

  • Added: Option for hiding Pricing Table
  • Added: WP Filter for changing encouraged notice [action] variable
  • Added: New translations in pot file
  • Fixed: cart item warning
  • Updated: Change woocommerce_cart_totals_fee_html hook priority
  • Fixed: Compatible with WooCommerce Points And Rewards
  • Fixed: Compatible with YayCurrency latest version
  • Fixed: Free text displaying
  • Fixed: After checkout process with cart discount and checkout fee
  • Fixed: Buy x get y discount items small bug
  • Removed: Coupons/fees functions

Jun 6, 2023 – Version 2.4.1

  • Improved: Change BOGO/Buy X Get Y discount item flow

Jun 5, 2023 – Version 2.4

  • Added: Count quantity by (For Buy X get Y)
  • Added: Receive cheapest/ most expensive item (for Buy X get Y)
  • Added: Display sale tag/ discounted price as discountable range/current tier/next tier

May 17, 2023 – Version 2.3.1

  • Added: YayCommerce Menu

May 11, 2023 – Version 2.3

  • Added: Show offer description when match condition (PRO)
  • Fixed: Fatal error when deactivate YayPricing (when having discount item in cart)
  • Fixed: Verify nonce when call rest api
  • Fixed: Wrong displaying tooltip variable for flat price pricing type
  • Improved: Apply rule with minimum/maximum discount amount for whole cart
  • Improved: Replace “Equal/Not equal” with “Greater than and equal/ Less than and equal”
  • Removed: Fixed fee, percentage fee for product pricing rule

Apr 20, 2023 – Version 2.2

  • Added: Combined condition (PRO)
  • Added: History order condition: product/category/purchased date
  • Added: “Contain all” comparison type for cart item condition
  • Removed: WC default flash sale when product is discounted by YayPricing
  • Added: Integration with Astra theme – sticky add to cart

Apr 12, 2023 – Version 2.1

  • Added: Options to exclude all product pricing rules
  • Added: Disable product pricing rule when product is on sale
  • Added: Condition for checking cart total weight
  • Improved: Upselling notice display (YayPricing Pro version)
  • Improved: Encouraged notice now doesn’t show on all pages
  • Improved: Cart discount encouraged notice only show at bottom of cart page
  • Improved: Checkout fee encouraged notice only show at bottom of checkout page
  • Improved: Product pricing encouraged notice can show at bottom of shop page/ product page and after product short description
  • Improved: Limit 1 encouraged notice shows at one time
  • Changed: Upgrade URLs in YayPricing free version
  • Fixed: Conflict CSS with FileBird, CatFolders
  • Fixed: Sale amount and discounted range shows incorrectly with variable products
  • Fixed: Error when checking product category with variation
  • Fixed: Error when saving data after creating empty conditions/filters of buy x get y rule, then switch to other types

Apr 07, 2023 – Version 2.0

  • Added: Tooltip image and helper text
  • Compatible: with CURCY plugin
  • Improveed: Validate when saving
  • Improveed: UI
  • Improveed: Locking feature UI
  • Improved: Countdown, encouraged notice UI
  • Fixed: Sale tag amount show incorrectly with maximum value
  • Fixed: [discounted_price] for bulk pricing
  • Removed: Condition of exclude rule (We decided to remove to keep it simple)

Mar 30, 2023 – Version 1.9

  • Updated: Custom fee is now not supported in free version (Shipping fee adjustment is included in free version)
  • Updated: YayPricing Reports is now in WooCommerce Analytics menu
  • Added: Show discounted price option
  • Added: PHP requirement
  • Improved: Report UI (Add column chart, highlight legend, show rule information when click legend)
  • Improved: Schedule datetime picker
  • Improved: Typo
  • Improved: UI
  • Fixed: Change checkout fee condition match type
  • Fixed: Expired WC Coupon when checkout
  • Fixed: schedule timezone detection
  • Fixed: product pricing condition working in lite version
  • Fixed: Currency symbol in rule name

Mar 17, 2023 – Version 1.5

  • Added: Color picker for choosing pricing table color
  • Added: Use time badge in admin UI
  • Added: Running rule count badge in admin UI
  • Added: Variable list
  • Improved UI
  • Fixed: Pricing table
  • Fixed: Not saving rule to order detail
  • Fixed: Report date
  • Fixed: Wrong calculation for cart subtotal condition
  • Fixed: PHP version syntax

Nov 21, 2022 – Version 1.4.1

  • Fixed: Saving error when set up product filter

Sep 21, 2022 – Version 1.4

  • Added: Schedule for Fee
  • Added: Shortcode tag
  • Added: Filter for choosing all products
  • Added: New option to show sale tag on product page and shop page
  • Added: New option to use discount name to coupon code (cart discounts)
  • Added: Rule status
  • Added: Maximum discount feature
  • Improved: Change description shortcode name
  • Improved: Change wp editor to ckeditor
  • Improved: UI and text
  • Improved: WooCommerce feedback
  • Improved: Change “use name as code” to “use generated Id as code”
  • Improved: Maximum use feature
  • Fixed: Bug cannot add product pricing shortcode
  • Fixed: Bug BOGO and Buy X Get Y not showing tooltip
  • Fixed: Rule is not applied for child category in product filters.
  • Fixed: Bugs

Jul 29, 2022 – Version 1.3

  • Added: Filter product by custom taxonomy for product (support Custom Post Type UI plugin)
  • Added: Fees handler feature
  • Added: Condition about checking shipping total and checking customer order count
  • Added: Limit amount of reaching rule
  • Added: New condition shipping regions (apply cart discount and fees)
  • Improved: Add question mark for hover to show tooltip and re-style tooltip
  • Improved: dmin UI
  • Fixed: Handle multi products in filter in BOGO and Buy X Get Y type
  • Fixed: Handle out of stock
  • Fixed: Pricing table is always display even though turn off show pricing table setting
  • Fixed: Apply first, smallest, highest price rule of product pricing

Jun 28, 2022 – Version 1.2

  • Updated: provide shortcodes ( discount_amount, discounted_price, discount_value ) for offer description
  • Updated: provide edit encourage notice text and count down text
  • Fixed: issue offer description and pricing table always show without check role condition.
  • Fixed: UI issues.
  • Fixed: Fatal error when uploading a newer version

Jun 2, 2022 – Version 1.1

  • Added: Banner and text for BOGO and Buy X Get Y discount rules
  • Added: Quantity pricing table design
  • Improved: Offer description on product page
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Feb 28, 2022 – Version 1.0

  • Initial releas