LearnDash LMS – Reports


LearnDash Reporting Dashboard with the Most Comprehensive Insights

Unlock the Power of eLearning Data with LearnDash LMS – Reports! Empower your eLearning business and team members with actionable insights to drive unprecedented success. Gain a complete understanding of learner progress and activities, effortlessly identify struggling learners, and optimize your courses for outstanding completion rates. Armed with these valuable insights, you can make informed decisions, enhance learner engagement, and streamline your e-learning process seamlessly. Experience the transformative potential of the LearnDash LMS – Reports today and take your eLearning initiatives to new heights!

Here are short and presentable bullet points for the given features:

  • Presentable Reports Dashboard
  • Fully Customizable with Gutenberg Blocks
  • Graphical Reports for Easy Data Visualization
  • Drilled Down Learner Progress Reports for Detailed Insights
  • Detailed Quiz Reports for Comprehensive Assessment Analysis
  • Learning Activity Reports and Time Tracking for Monitoring Engagement
  • Export and Share Reports for Seamless Collaboration
  • Option to Exclude Admins’ Data from Reports

Key Features of LearnDash LMS – Reports:

  1. Fully Customizable Graphical Reports Dashboard: Take control of your data with LearnDash LMS – Reports. Our professional and presentable Frontend Reports Dashboard is built using Gutenberg Reporting blocks, thus enabling you to customize the dashboard to suit your needs or create multiple custom reports dashboards to cater to different requirements. Make full use of Gutenberg blocks to create engaging and interactive course content, further enhancing the learning experience.
  2. Dashboard for Everyone: LearnDash LMS – Reports offers a user-friendly and accessible dashboard for admins, group leaders, instructors/creators, and learners. It allows you to provide them with a presentable and simplified reporting interface to easily understand learner progress and performance. Rest assured, everyone has access to only their respective course and learner data, ensuring complete privacy and security.
  3. Monitor Learner Performance: Improve student engagement and learning outcomes by easily tracking your learners’ performance and identifying those who may need additional support or intervention.
  4. In-depth Analysis: Conduct comprehensive reviews of group progress and performance to identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Graphical Reports

Our plugin provides graphical reports that offer a comprehensive view of your LearnDash courses. With these reports, you can effortlessly identify top-performing students, track progress and completion rates, and discover learning content that boosts engagement.
The dashboard guides you towards your next right move by presenting insightful student reports, course-wise and course category-wise reports, as well as group-wise reports. This allows you to analyze performance and engagement across various dimensions, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and improve the effectiveness of your e-learning initiatives.

Tabular Reports

In addition to graphical reports, LearnDash LMS – Reports also offers tabular reports for a detailed analysis of your LearnDash courses. Detailed Course Reports present all the data in a tabular format, while all quiz attempt reports provide comprehensive insights into quiz performance. These reports provide you with a granular understanding of learner activity, enabling you to identify strengths and areas for improvement with ease.

Decide who sees what

With our LearnDash Reporting Plugin, you have complete control over the visibility of reports and data. Tailor access for administrators, group leaders, instructors, or creators, allowing them to view specific reports based on their roles. This flexibility ensures that the right individuals have access to the right information, streamlining your reporting process.

Upgrade to LearnDash LMS – Reports Pro

Discover the enhanced capabilities of the LearnDash LMS – Reports Pro. Gain deeper insights and quiz performance data, with advanced filters to drill down reports by Course Categories and individual Learners. Pro version includes additional features like:

  1. Group-wise course progress reports for Admins
  2. Individual Learner Progress and Performance
  3. Detailed Quiz Attempt Reports with Learner Responses
  4. Bulk Exports Quiz Attempts Reports
  5. Student Quiz Reports Dashboard
  6. Learner Activity Log and Inactive User List
  7. Manage User Roles – Permissions to Access Specific Reports
  8. Idle Time tracking – Tracks Learners Active Time
  9. Advanced Filtering Option – Exclude or Include Users Data in a Report
  10. Exports Report in Multiple Formats – CSV, PNG and SVG

Exciting news awaits you!🎁 Update or download the latest version of our Free plugin and seize the opportunity to unlock the remarkable LearnDash LMS – Reports Pro features at an irresistible discounted price! 🚀 Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to supercharge your e-learning business and easily make data-driven decisions. Upgrade now and elevate your reporting capabilities to new heights!


As an eLearning business owner, a LearnDash admin is confronted with tons of data about student and course performance. Unfortunately, with the current available solutions, it is impossible for admins and instructors to make sense out of these heaps of data and extract relevant information that can help enhance student learning experience? LearnDash LMS – Reports offers deep level insights that are presented in the form of interactive graphs, which sets it apart from other solutions in a similar space.


  • Report Dashboard : Customizable Dashboard with Graphical Reports.
  • Course Reports : Drilled down reports for Lessons, Topics, and Course categories.
  • Quiz Reports : Quiz Completion Reports for all quizzes.
  • Progress Tracking : Time spent and course completion report.
  • Walkthrough


This plugin provides 22 blocks.

  • Daily Enrollments
  • Student Filter
  • Duration Selectors
  • Course Progress Rate
  • Quiz Completion Rate
  • Quiz completion time per course
  • Report Tools
  • Average Quiz Attempts
  • Student Table
  • Revenue From Courses
  • Total Learners
  • Total Courses
  • Course List
  • Total Revenue
  • Student Profile
  • Quiz Reports
  • Learners Pass/Fail Rate
  • Time Spent on a
  • Pending Assignments
  • Inactive Users
  • Learner Activity Log
  • Course Completion Rate


Where can I find the drilled-down Quiz Reports?

You can find the drilled-down Quiz Reports on the Quiz Reports Tab of your Reports Dashboard. Please note that the Quiz Reports are available only in the Pro version of our plugin.

How can I see Learner-specific Reports?

Learner Specific Reports can be viewed by using the ‘Learner’ filter on the Reports Dashboard.

How do I create the Reports Dashboard on my LearnDash LMS?

Once the plugin is installed and activated, a page called ‘Reports’ will be auto-created on your WordPress under ‘All Pages’. You can visit the Reports Dashboard from here and make changes accordingly.

Where can I see the time spent on each course?

You can see the time learners have spent on each of your courses under the ‘Time Spent On A Course’ Graph.

How do I install and activate the Pro version?

Buy the Pro version of the plugin. You will receive the plugin files and license key in your email. Install and activate the plugin. Once this is done, enter the License Key and you are good to go.

How do I understand the meaning of each block or graph?

Each block has a tool-tip next to the title of the block to understand the exact meaning of the report.

Is the Reports Dashboard customizable?

Yes, the Reports Dashboard is built using Gutenberg blocks and can be edited by editing the page.


ເດືອນກໍລະກົດ 1, 2023
This plugin is for websites with a single instructor or multiple instructors managing the same students. If you have a multiple instructor site where instructors do not manage the same students reconsider using this plugin. Student search filters pulls in students site-wide and not just the enrolled students of specific instructors.
ເດືອນພຶດສະພາ 19, 2023
Be Careful!! They are no honest with the customers. The plugin has problems and when you ask them for refund they try to force you to keep using the plugin, no matter your request. They will try to send you a lot of mails trying to make you tired of asking for your refund and give up. BE CAREFUL TERRIBLE SERVICE. Warning: array_merge(): Expected parameter 2 to be an array, string given in /home/customer/www/riskout.lernuxacademy.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wisdm-reports-for-learndash/includes/blocks/registry/class-wrld-report-filters.php on line 196 Warning: array_unique() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/customer/www/riskout.lernuxacademy.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wisdm-reports-for-learndash/includes/blocks/registry/class-wrld-report-filters.php on line 196 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/customer/www/riskout.lernuxacademy.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wisdm-reports-for-learndash/includes/blocks/registry/class-wrld-report-filters.php:196) in /home/customer/www/riskout.lernuxacademy.com/public_html/wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line 1431
ເດືອນຕຸລາ 12, 2022
Fantastic product! Much richer reports than the default LearnDash options.
ເດືອນສິງຫາ 17, 2022 1 reply
Very good plugin, provides far more stats and details about literally everything in LearnDash.
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Contributors & Developers

“LearnDash LMS – Reports” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix – Fixed an issue of an untranslatable string.
  • Tweak – Code improvements.

= – 2024-07-10

  • Security – Tightened security around the plugin settings.



  • Tweak – Updated branding.
  • Deprecated classes: bfcm_banner\BfcmBanners, WisdmReportsLearndash\Learner_Activity_Onboarding.

= 1.8.1 – 2024-03-15
* Tweak: Updated the licensing code.
* Fix: Fixed timetracking bug and PHP warnings.
* Improvements : Updated code for compatibility with WP Coding standards.

= 1.8.0 – 2023-09-27
* Feature: Revamped the ‘Time Spent’ block where Admin and Group Leaders will be able to filter the data using different filters to observe the learners and courses time spent.
* Feature: Added compatibility with RTL.
* Feature: Added compatibility with WPML plugin.
* Fix: CSV and XLS buttons not clickable in Detailed Course Report Block.
* Fix: Backend deleted users data will no more be displayed on the Reports Dashboard.

= 1.7.2 – 2023-07-26
* Feature: Added the new tab – Data Upgrade in the LearnDash LMS – Reports settings tab where user will be able to upgrade the data which will help in loading the dashboard more faster.
* Feature: Implemented a caching module for Time Spent on Course, Course Completion Rate, Course Progress, Quiz Completion Rate and Quiz completion Time blocks to speed up the loading process.
* Improvement: Improved overall performance of the plugin
1) Improved where site used to crash after activating the reports plugin having more then 3k users.
2) Improved the Dashboard performance where now it takes lesser time to load.
3) No impact of reports plugin on any other learndash pages(Previously, the LearnDash pages would lag and occasionally even crash for more than 3k users).

= 1.7.1 – 2023-05-10
* Fix: In Customized Quiz Report View fix the bug for Customize Report modal.

= 1.7.0 – 2023-04-27
* Feature: Introduced new Course Progress Reports block where Admin and Group Leaders will be able to filter the data using different filters to observe the learners and courses progress.
* Feature: Re-design the Course completion Rate Block to provide optimized data which is also easy to understand.
* Improvement: Added sub tabs in the LearnDash LMS – Reports settings – setting tab for easy access.
* Improvement: Improved the Learner search field for whole reports’ dashboard.
* Fix: Inactive user list sorting issue after clicking on view more.
* Fix: General fixes and optimization.

= 1.6.1 – 2023-03-28
* Tweak: Added What’s new tab for admin in LearnDash LMS – Reports settings.
* Tweak: Added Gutenberg blocks tab for admin in LearnDash LMS – Reports settings.
* Improvement: Blocks loading time improved.
* Fix: Date filter bug fixed added new option.
* Fix: Report filters are getting reset on duration changed.
* Fix: Report title displayed twice on report dashboard.
* Fix: Error message was displayed twice on student dashboard.

= 1.6.0 – 2023-01-10
* Tweak: Added Support Beacon for Users in LearnDash LMS – Reports settings.

= 1.5.0 – 2022-12-14
* Fix: Group leaders with no groups/courses assigned will not be shown reports for any courses/learners on the Reports dashboard.
* Fix: Issue resolved for Date picker calendar getting cropped and not showing properly in some themes.

= 1.4.1 – 2022-11-07
* Feature : A modal window with user and date filters has been introduced for admin users to filter and export statistics data to excel and csv.
* Fix: In the report filter area, only 10 lessons were showing. This has been changed to show all lessons for the selected course.

= 1.4.0 – 2022-09-22
* Feature: Added a Group filter dropdown to the course reports.

= 1.3.0 – 2022-09-14
* Feature: Added a feature to exclude Courses from the reports.
* Improvements: Learner-specific reports and Quiz reports (Pro features) are now being previewed even in the Free version.

= 1.2.1 – 2022-08-29
* Fix: Total Learners data in the “Total Learners” block was currently showing total users on the site(Now only subscribers will be counted)
* Fix: “Course Completion Rate” block count issue
* Fix: Detailed Attempt Report – Class Score: Incorrect Data was appearing for the Group Leader. This will be changed to Group Average and the value displayed will be the average of the Group when a Group Leader views this report
* Fix: For Average Quiz Attempts if a quiz is associated with more than one course, the system was counting twice the attempts for a learner for that quiz

= 1.2.0 – 2022-06-30
* Improvements: Onboading flow to help quickly configure & use the plugin.
* Improvements: Preview dashboard design made similar to the actual dashboard.
* Fix: Bug fixes & other improvements.
* Fix: Filter not getting updated on date change.
* Fix: Tolltip visibility to the group leader.
* Fix: Group filter tags not visible on the graphs.

= 1.1.0 – 2022-06-13
* Improvements: New Tabular Report for Lesson/Topic/Course Category
* Improvements: Rearrangement of Course Reports
* Improvements: New Loading animation for all graphs and tables
* Improvements: Applyed the tags for graphs and tables that are affected by the selected filters
* Improvements: Average tooltips added to the Average calculation section of blocks
* Improvements: Change all time and date format to same format(HH:MM:SS for time and 14 Jan, 2022)
* Fix: Removed empty attempts consideration for quiz graphs
* Fix: Total Learners and Daily enrollments not in sync

1.0.7 – 2022-05-24

  • Improvement: Revenue data will also include the revenue from WooCommerce product sales.
  • Improvement: Ability to filter the revenue report accessibility using WP Filters.
  • Improvement: Ability to filter out reports of some users with wp filters.
  • Improvement: In quiz reports users can also be searched by display names.
  • Improvement: Optimizations & code restructuring.
  • Fix: Issue with the display of the currency set from the LD setting.

1.0.6 – 2022-04-15

  • Improvement: Fixes for the compatibility with LearnDash v4.1.0.
  • Improvement: Support for LearnDash custom labels.
  • Fix: Drag and drop not working for the pattern & for individual blocks in gutenberg.
  • Fix: Styling issues.

1.0.5 – 2022-03-31

  • Tweak: Included links to the reports page in the LearnDash submenu.

1.0.4 – 2022-03-25

  • Hotfix release to resolve the issues in v 1.0.3.

1.0.3 – 2022-03-24

  • Improvement: Add a new responsive pattern.
  • Improvement: Modal with the page link on the first creation of the reports page to the admin.
  • Improvement: Static date-picker block to state-based react block.
  • Improvement: Group filter in quiz report will only list the reports of group members & not of all the users of group courses.
  • Fix: Pattern to include Average Quiz Attempts.
  • Fix: Not all strings are translatable in the date-picker block.
  • Fix: For the group admins all the users were available through search in course reports.
  • Fix: Data of enrolled students to the courses is available to instructor & GL(Only the data of students enrolled in the group should be available)
  • Fix: In tables (Only the data of students enrolled in the group should be available)
  • Tweak: CSV & XLSX icon instead of text in the button.
  • Tweak: License module inclusion in the plugin (to be able to track the site data), automation of building both the copies on tag creation.

1.0.2 – 2022-02-24

  • Bug fixes & improvements.

1.0.1 – 2022-01-28

  • Minor changes

1.0.0 – 2021-12-23

  • Plugin Released