This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

DesktopServer for WordPress


DesktopServer for WordPress eases localhost to live server deployment by publishing hosting provider server details via a protected XML-RPC feed and API to an authorized administrator only. It also provides assisted deployments to hosting providers that support file system direct.


Upload the DesktopServer for WordPress plugin and activate it. Then using DesktopServer’s export feature, select Export, followed by the “Fetch live hosting server details” checkbox. For more information, please visit


Do I have to use this plugin in order to use DesktopServer locally?

No. The DesktopServer plugin is installed on a live site only when you are ready to deploy your local install to the live site. It is not required for local development.

After deployment, do I need to keep this plugin active?

No. Since this is only needed during the deploy process, once deployment is complete this plugin is automatically removed and does not need to be reinstalled.

Is this secure?

Yes! The DesktopServer plugin provides information to the DesktopServer application about your live site. But it requires a valid admin login. So as long as you are using secure passwords on your live site, you are secure.


ເດືອນກັນຍາ 5, 2017 1 reply
The mac version of the software work, even if very slow. The windows version is a disaster. i cannot import website from desktop server to desktopserver beause as said by an error message the “files path is too long” !?! It screwed my internet connection which is now very slow and very unstable. I cannot download anymore big files without being deconnected, only light communication (like loading an internet page) à 200 kb. Once i tried to download a big file, to connection stop while still connected to the wifi network. I will probably have to reinstall again if i cannot repair the current installation. At last, custumer support is only 1 year. After that, no update, nothing… [ redacted ]. And you learn it after you bought it because it not clearly indicated on the purchase page. Most issues of the forum are never solved and there is [ redacted ], all related to connection error and slow connection. It’s half a scam. And that for __100$__/year.
ເດືອນພຶດສະພາ 27, 2017
The tech support from these guys has been outstanding. Even with my initial free version, they were onto Skype to talk me through issues I was having getting the software running (was Skpye blocking ports). I’ve since upgraded to the Premium version, and deployed two sites – both deployments required assistance (not DesktopServer software related issues) and they were quick to respond and get the sites working. Highly recommend especially if you’re new to building and deploying sites.
ເດືອນເມສາ 19, 2017
DesktopServer has claimed approx. $200 of my dollars for the last 2 years and they will never see another dime from me. As a “premium” subscriber here is what I enjoyed. 100% of the time voicemail. Not 80, not 88, not even 95%. Guaranteed if you call you will go straight to voicemail. Hours later you will get a call back. In my case I waited the better part of a day. Back and forth hemming and hawing, could not get my ftp to work. Ironic as I sent screen shots of my ftp working fine. e-mails are “forgotten”. I would sit and wait to see if anything had been done – it hadn’t. I would inquire, nothing. No reply of any kind. FINALLY I gave up and found out about Duplicator and am going that route. WAMP – Duplicator – lack of disrespect = winner in my book. Oh and saving myself another annual subscription fee. Mike
ເດືອນກໍລະກົດ 11, 2017
I started with the free. Moved right to the paid and am on my first renewal. Aside from the products ability to deliver predictable performance, it has addressed a good number of annoying issues a developer needs to deal with. The support team is SUPERHUMAN. I would be running the earth if I had such dedicated and engaged team mates in my company. The only areas of darkness resides in the area of documentation. Organizationally and contextually it can present a challenge to navigate and consume. This is however offset by the tremendous support resources available to customers. Great product! Thank you for making it for WordPress! Update: On my second renewal for the paid version! Documentation has improved! Looking forward to the next release.
ເດືອນມັງກອນ 23, 2017
Having been a premium user of this plugin for a few years, I’m ready to move on to something better. This started with much promise and worked OK, but having developed 20+ WordPress sites using this, I can in all honesty say that it has only deployed without a hitch twice in that time. Every other time, there are bugs, exception errors and dropped/cancelled deployments. I’ve deployed to numerous hosts, shares hosting environments, VPS environments, etc. and the same things occur. The poor support forums don’t help resolve this easily as you spend even more time trawling for answers. Having spent numerous hours trying to solve issues with this plugin, I’m over it and the wasted hours it has cost me and my business in fixing what should be a straight forward process for the majority of sites. In nearly every instance I need to upload files manually and create a fix on the fly to resolve errors that this plugin/software creates. Buyer beware on this one, go for the free options out there that will get the job done properly. Nice dream but it can turn into a nightmare…
ເດືອນພະຈິກ 12, 2016
Desktopserver is pretty much a must have for any Wordpress Developer. There are other options, but when everything is added up, in most cases, this will be the best choice. Although the direct deployment has some issues with some providers (yes, even a major hosting service), there’s simple workaround options and, in my case anyway, the team at ServerPress stepped in and did the deployment for me! (Note: I am a Premium Member). If you haven’t tried this plugin, you owe it to yourself to do so.
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Contributors & Developers

“DesktopServer for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.6.2 – May 23, 2018

  • add sanitizing of API inputs.
  • add translation wrapper function on translatable strings.

1.6.1 – Jun 2, 2016

  • reset value of ds_deploy directory for (old) XMLRPC API calls for better backward compatibility

1.6.0 – Jun 1, 2016

  • Add custom endpoint API as alternate to XMLRPC.


  • Bump version number.


  • Accommodate servers that are missing DIR magic constants (bluehost).


  • Updated MySQL interface to PDO; resolved “Unexpected Response” pertaining to mysql_connect deprecated warnings.
  • Transfers htaccess last to prevent accidental lockout during deployment.
  • Error reporting fix provides more feedback.
  • Supports hosts running PHP 5.5.X


  • Updated support for GoDaddy’s non-standard, ever changing, SUBDOMIN_DOCUMENT_ROOT definition for addon domains.


  • Added support for GoDaddy’s REAL_DOCUMENT_ROOT, supports subdomain and addon domains


  • Added temporary session details for processing database thread in chunks.
  • Added expanded memory and timeout overrides for limited hosts.


  • Enforce correct file and folder permissions


  • Add fix for deployment from/to Windows based systems


  • Allow only users with core update capability only
  • Added deployment functionality
  • Re-coded into OOP